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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
O.k., now I see where your confusion lies.

Bimmerfest is a car show, not a nonprofit venture. As a way for us to give something back (all of us) since we are fortunate enough to be driving expensive Ultimate Driving Machines, a couple of years ago (Bimmerfest IV in 2003) I asked our sponsors to donate products so that we could hold an "Opportunity Drawing" so that we could donate some money to a local charity. That little piece of Bimmerfest gave us all a warm and fuzzy feeling, so I decided to continue that tradition, picking a new charity every year. Three (count them, 3) people devoted the better part of a year to put this event on (forget all of the years developing the event without remuneration), and the profit from the event at least helps us pay our bills, but not much more. So you see, your assumptions were all wrong. Have no fear. Unless you actually purchased a ticket for the Opportunity Drawing, you did not make a donation to charity.

Lastly, this is my job and business. Since when did I make you a shareholder? You believe I have an obligation to provide my financials? Why don't you drive to your local BMW dealer and demand to see his while you are at it?

Jon - Why are you trying to reason with this :idiot:? He's pissed off that he couldn't sneak in again like last year.

He says he believes in selection of the fittest. Well, all I can say to this little cretin is - get ready to meet your maker. If your genes get perpetuated humanity is in deep sh!t. Lucky579 - why don't you go out and see if you can sneak in the back door of the local theater, or get some gas at the gas station and then run off without paying, or steal some cheap booze off the shelves at the local 7-11. And, if you get caught and are forced to pay, call everyone a sucker and demand to see the books.