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Originally Posted by lucky579 View Post
Wow, I wasn't expecting you guys to take it so personally, I was looking forward to this event since January when I requested it off from work, I didn't get the weekend off, but I told them I had an event to go to, I lost a ton of my hours at work and now have the worst shifts, but I think it was worth it. Yes the event was awesome and the gf loved it as well. I love Santa Barbara and the great weather and beaches.

However I thought the price was a bit steep, and I just wanted to know how my money was being allocated. Forgive me for asking as I see this is top secret material. Its not even about the money, its your guys whole attitude, I simply would like to know where that money is being spent.

If you go to a club, the cover charge is for the DJ and the rest is income for the club. I just didn't think it was $32000 to rent out the fairgrounds, plus the sponsors paying for some of it as well.

Edit: nonprofit event, but jon gets compensated...I never understand how these things work
I think I'm beginning to sympathize with you.

I'd like to have the financials also, for purely educational purposes. It's useful to show examples of how NPO's work.

For the $50 entrance fee folks: Bite me.

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