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Come on now. Oprah lives in SB.

And the minimum age thing wouldn't work. You have a lot of cars in one location, a lot of what people consider nicer than average cars, BMW drivers (not everyone's an owner) have a superiority complex, most people at this thing were guys, now add some alochol...

Testosterone + Gasoline + Booze = ??? (HINT: the answer is not "TEA PARTY")

Here's a simple one. Have a CHP at the front gate ask to see driver's licenses as people enter. No license, no entry. Bet they catch someone on a suspended license like that rich chick. What's her name?

But hey, it's not my event. Jon started this and is becoming the victim of his own success. I know two vintage car events that took years off recently becaues the success was getting too much for them to handle.

Thanks for the Fest, Jon!
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