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Nice one pirate! This definitely should be sticked. Mind if I add a few myself?

Lightweight aluminum flywheel
Your stock flywheel is pretty darn heavy, so it takes the engine awhile to get it up and spinning. Aluminum flywheels are up to 15lb lighter, so it takes a great deal of stress of your engine's rotational thinga-ma-jigy. ($400 - 600)

Short shifter kit
Less shifting, more accelerating. Need I say more? (about $300)

CDV Removal
The CDV (Clutch Delay Valve)is a tiny little screw placed in your clutch fluid line that restricts fluid flow. So as a result, clutch movement is delayed, so you can never really "dump" the clutch. It's great for first-time drivers, but a pain in the arse for skilled drivers. For my E46, the valve was right in the middle of the rubber fluid hose and steel line transaction, which was underneath my car right next to the transmission. Clamp the hose shut with a pair of locking pliers and unhook the damn thing. It made a world of difference for me. (NOTE: Only cars made in 1996 and on came with a CDV)

Upgrade your clutch
Aftermarket sport clutches clamp much harder, and are also more resistant to force. You get no delays, no extra pedal travel and an explosion of power after each shift. Not only that, but if you upgraded your horsepower, you'd probably want to upgrade the clutch too, because the stock clutch is made for stock horsepower. If you upgrade horsepower on a stock clutch, you increase the chances of failure. ($400 - $1,000)

Royal Purple fluids
These fluids are a lot more "slippery" than most other brands. As a result, your parts experience less friction and move much easier past eachother, which translates out to less precious horsepower being wasted as heat. Engine, transmission and differential fluids gave a Mustang an extra 15 rwhp. It'll most likely do the same for you. (about $100 for engine/tranny/diff oils).

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Automatically enriches fuel mixtures at an astronomical rate (much faster than stock), which vastly approves throttle response in all ranges and slightly increases higher RPM power. ($200)

Limited-slip differential with shorter gear ratios
This is what I consider the "ultimate" upgrade for a BMW. You essentially compromise top speed for more acceleration. The torque-biasing also skyrockets your cars ability to accelerate out of corners. ($1,500 to $3,000)

Racing camshaft
This will let more air to enter your engine, and more exhaust gases to get out at higher RPM. It will give you huge boosts mid-range torque and high-end power, but will sound lumpy as hell at idle. (about $600)
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