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I Had to do it

Originally Posted by LavaM3 View Post
I got flammed over at I just would have like to see the breakdown of the steep admission price and why it was more than last year.
LavaM3 or Lucky579???

This is a post over at bimmerfest

Originally Posted by philippek View Post
Okay, so this thread will undoubtedly push the limits of the TOU. Mods, please allow some discretion. You have to admit this ********* has provided more fun for the inmates than anyone in recent memory, and he certainly has brought the BMW community together. Remember that as this post progresses.

So anyway, I'm bored tonight and I decide to google 'lucky579'. And what I find is a treasure trove of evidence, tracks and footprints all over the world wide web, and a mother lode of pure comedy. I encourage all of you to perform the search yourself when you have some time, or when you just need a good laugh.

First, I think I found his car. A thoroughly respectable E36 M3 in Dakar Yellow. I really used to like that color. Sadly that little cretin has ruined that for me. Forever.

Note also that site reveals a name, other than his now-infamous nom de plume: Brian B.

Then, I stumble upon one of his many hobbies: R/C vehicles. Note his signature: "You only live once be / / / M Powered" This young lad has been fantasizing for years about becoming a BMW owner. Pity he's now the pariah of our proud brotherhood.

It seems like he's over R/C however, as evidenced by one of his 'sellout' posts, where he proudly declares: "I recently got my license and RC is not as fun as driving for real." Perhaps he should also have added: "I recently paid to get into bimmerfest and paying your way is not as fun as sneaking through the fence and mooching off the BMW community."

And what do I find next, but a heart-wrenching little tale from Brian B. Check out his post on general mayhem. In his first post he proudly declares: "I'm an idiot." You got that right Brian B. At least you can finally admit it, if not on this bb then at least on another one.

It seems like Brian B "Fell in love with a girl that doesn't love me the same way" and got his teensy-weensy heart broken. Sadly he's edited his posts so we can't see all the gruesome details, but you can pretty much fill in the blanks by the way other posters have replied. It really is a sad, sordid state of affairs.

But the piece de resistance, the absolute coupe de grace, the true magnum opus comes from, where it seems Brian B has been spending some time trying to pump himself up. And yet it seems like his relationship troubles follow him, even in his attempts to get buff. Check out this post where he admits to "Dating 2 girls, trying to get them in shape."

In this post Brian B reports that one of the best things about working out is that you "can go to parties dressed as chip and dale, and all the ladies want to take pictures with you." Yes Brian B, that's exactly why we work out. That also why we drive BMWs. That's the motivation for everything we do in life. Tool.

And then Brian B confesses to his true fantasy in this thread: "I'm thinking of going down south somewhere in ca and living with other bodybuilders and we all cook for each other threw out the day." Hmm...interesting thought Brian B. Perhaps you'd like to live with me and my boyfriend? Except we're not bodybuilders, just a couple of gay guys who need a houseboy.

And finally, this lovely post, which showcases the diet used to create a Brian B, and provides us with visual evidence which you'll probably want to forget right after you see it. Although you'll have a tough time forgetting the laughter it will cause.

Enjoy this while you can boys, I imagine that as soon as Brian B. finds this thread he'll go on a mad deleting spree across the interwebs. Feel free to copy and paste stuff here as a permanent memorial to his ignominy. As a safety precaution I have copied a few of choice posts and pictures so his disgrace can be preserved for generations to come.

lucky579, Brian B., or whatever the hell your name is, I'd like to officially welcome you to the 'fest.