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Originally Posted by cheweez78 View Post
this thread only refers to possessed blower, meaning that the a/c still blows some air.
My blower motor doesnt seem to work at all. I switch my a/c on and I can hear the compressor kick in but no air. i continue to turn the fan speed up to max and still no air. Does replacing the FSU fix the blower problem or is my blower out? I wanted to replace the FSU yesterday but i had a feeling it was the fan. I took my car into an independent BMW repair shop and they supposedly tried replacing the FSU and the fan didn't run(is he blowing smoke up my a$$?). anyhow, he quoted me $700 to replace the blower fan motor which costs about $375.

first symptoms, i heard clicking sounds under the dash. I turned off the radio and it was still making that sound so i turned off the a/c. I noticed the sound went away, i than turned on the a/c again and it came back. after turning on and off the a/c the blower decided to crap out. So the blower right now is not working at all. I would like to know what yall think this could be. Thanks for all the advice and help.

Elvis- Great post, very detailed! Keep up the good work.
Hey there...I have a 90 535i that has a similar problem to cheweez. I can hear my AC compressor kick on, but the blower doesn't blow at all.....well sometimes it will first thing in the morning, but only for a few minutes. I pulled the FSU (My car has the "sword" style) out and looked at it...definitely looks a bit crusty. That's a $200 part for my car. I'm just wondering if I should start with that, or if I do some other diagnostics first? I pulled the fuse out and looked at it, but how can you tell if those box-like fuses are blown? And I doubt it is blown if the blower does kick on every so often.

Basically what I'm trying to get you guys feel pretty strongly that it's the FSU? I'm fine with buying it...hell the dealer was going to charge me $800 to fix it, and they were talking about getting behind the dash to check on all the wiring to find a short in the system.
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