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Originally Posted by GlobalIntention View Post
Noone answered my question are mp3's burnt cd's? Or what is an mp3? Because I understand that an mp3 is a burnt cd and some cd's will work and some won't. Mp3's came out along time ago like in 95 or something like that my 6 disc cd-changer in my car will play some cd's but not other's. Same with my brother's car and my friend's car they play burnt cd's just certain one's.
A mp3 is a type of music file .. A burt cd can be either a mp3. or a wav. music file. Most cd burners default to burn a cd as a wav. file because common cd players i.e. home cd player, car cd player, walk-man etc play this type of file. You can burn a cd with the music as a mp3 file but you must have a mp3 capable player to play the cd with mp3 music files.
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