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Originally Posted by BigAlI View Post
What kind of fuel did the car require? What was the cost? Was there a differential between German and Austria? Did you notice where the more reasonable price were (on or off Autobahn); in larger cities; in small towns, along secondary roads? Was there much of a difference?

Sorry for all the questions, but I believe I read that it cost the equivalent of $140 to fill the tank (about 16 gallons)! Tell me that isn't true.
It isn't true, but almost.

You can put 63 Liters (= 16.6 gal) into an 335i.

95 octane currently costs about 1.38 Euro per Liter, 98 octane about 1.44 Euro.

that is either 87 Euro (= 115 $) for 95 ROZ (="Super bleifrei") , or 91 Euro (= 120 $) for 98 octane (=Super plus).

In Austria it's about 15 to 20 cent cheaper (per liter).

Gas prices are the highest directly on the autobahn. If you leave the Autobahn (Nav will show you) it can be 3 to 5 cent cheaper.

I hope you will still enjoy your ED-trip...

(In Switzerland 1 liter of gas is only 1.05 Euro!)

(But that's the only thing that's cheaper in Switzerland. Hotels and restaurants are about 50% (fifty!) percent higher than in Germany/Austria.
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