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Originally Posted by Zeke77 View Post
How does the iPod portion of your iPhone work in the car? I'm curious because I now own both a Blackberry (which, as noted above, does the entire "phone" function perfectly) and an iPod. I'm assuming you plug in your iPhone to the aux port for music, and let bluetooth take care of the phone?

Sorry if the answer is obvious to everyone else but me.....but I'd like to have one less device in the car if possible.
First on iPod Integration

I have the BMW dealer-installed iPod kit (for 650i). The one that replaces the CD changer. This is the one that does NOT use the AUX jack (have one of those too), but uses the iPod's dock connector. (You plug it in and the iDrive and steering wheel controls control the iPod.)

My iPhone works perfectly with this interface. And unlike a regular iPod (which simply says connected to BMW and that's it), the iPhone is still fully controllable directly. You can view web pages, mail, etc. One nice touch is that when at the unlock screen, the iPhone indicates what song it's playing.

Bluetooth Phone Integration

I also have a Cingular Nokia phone with bluetooth. This has worked well, but I have never been able to get more than a few contacts to ever work with iDrive properly.

So when I activated my iPhone, I did so with the SIM in this phone, and decided to see if 1) it worked at all and 2) handled contacts better. The bottom line is that the thing "Just works". I had no trouble pairing the iPhone with the BMW. All the contacts in my address book just synced over... and there are like hundreds and hundreds. Sending and receiving calls worked just fine. And the iPhone takes advantage of the iDrive signal strength display where-as the Nokia did not.

But what's remarkable is that both these functions work great at the same time.

In fact today, I was listening to the iPhone's iPod in the car when a call came in. The music faded out, the phone ring indicator chimed, and I took the call. And then, after I hung up, the music of course resumed where it left off smooth as can be. So basically you had the iDrive software sending and receiving data over two interfaces (connector bus and bluetooth) to the same device at the same time and it just worked w/o a hiccup.

I was very impressed.

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