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...probably brake pad residue.

I'd like to suggest that it's brake pad residue, not road tar. Road tar usually comes off without too much trouble. The brake pad residue is a different story.

I tried the new BMW wheel cleaner, and it does a pretty good job....better than P21, but you still have to do some scrubbing. I've managed to put a dent in the accumulated gunk, but haven't gotten it all off yet.

A fingernail works well, but you can imagine how that feels after a few minutes....I'm thinking a piece of plastic (like a pizza stone scraper) might work. Don't use the nylon scouring pads...they WILL scratch the rim. Trust me.

I got some useful info from the person doing the washing at a BMW dealership. They use an acid-based wheel cleaner....I know, not the best thing for your wheels, but if the alternative is to have them caked with crud might be worth considering. I know that when I bought my X3, the wheels were clean but it only took a week or so for the brake residue chunks to start showing up. So there is a way to get that stuff off (and I doubt the dealer spent hours cleaning the wheels).

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Probably road tar. 3M Adhesive Cleaner (08984) will dissolve it. I use cotton balls to apply it. Be careful about rubbing, or you'll scratch the clearcoat with the grit in the road tar. Let the adhesive cleaner do the work.
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