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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
If you flirt in America these days then it is considered Sexual harassment If you own a big company then you may want to think twice about flirting as that employee will take you to the cleaners for Sexual harassment. In America you lose your right to freedom of expression because if your co-worker or employee views your expression (flirting) as Sexual harassment they you are finished. For these purposes I prefer Asia and Europe In Asia and Europe flirting seems to be more acceptable then in the US Americans and Europeans though flirt more then Asian people do. Asians seem to be more hidden and discreet about things. I like women that flirt more Those that flirt are better then simple,plain and dry-blooded ones. I find a stripper in America that flirts with you to be a great turn on The ones that flirt and talk dirty to ya in those clubs are the best. When we men go out and try the same then we end up in court for Sexual harassment For this reason I dare not to flirt with a woman in America unless I am in strip joint
There's no flirting in strip joints. It's just business.
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This post is brilliant. Completely spot on and chock full of useful information. Pure genius and original.
- Frank Rizzo

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