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Lighting Upgrade Help.

I want to replace all of my lighting with something else. This may be a foreign phrase for BMW owners but I don't want to spen a lot of money.

I was searching and came across THIS
Is this a respectable site and product?
Even if they don't know headlights from taillights (Look in picture.)
Thank You.

P.S To update from my "Engine Troubles" topic, we've struck off any ignition, vacuum, and fuel problems from the list and narrowed it down to a valvetrain problem. I am now pretty sure this would be the problem causing a misfire and unburned fuel to move through the exhaust. My only guess would be the driver (Mr. Mis-shift) did exactly as his nickname implies and bent the valves of cylinder #5. However I am not 100% sure because it's hard to notice such a thing when you have the CDV installed and the radio up. I did not personally watch his every move like every BMW owner should do when a friend drives their car.
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