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That one ^

Get the Predator Chromiums, with Pre Install. I don't have the celar film and haven't had a problem, but I plan to get some. Prolly would be a good idea. Sounds like you're running on a budget, but I'd imagine the HID would be nice. I was on a budget too so I passed.
I got the Xenix bulbs from them. They suck. I am currently running a Xenix in one light and a cheap basic Sylvania Halogen H1 in the other. The Sylvania is brighter 10 to 1. Get some Sylvania superbright halogen or cool blue or whatever fits your taste in them and they'll look mean. Just get the H1's instead of OEM 9006 connectors, though.

So (as listed on umnitzas page):
Lights in the link above
Angel Eyes: Predator Chromium
Clear Film: If you want, prolly would be a good idea
Xenon: Depends on your budget
Bulbs: No
Pre install: Yes

Now, when you get them, there are a few things you want to think about on wiring.
-You could wire the switch to a fuse that is hot at all times, so you could have the angel eyes on to show people even when you turn the car off. This would also require you turning them on every time you get in, and off every time you get out. If you forget, they draw power and also shorten their lifetime. I'd highly recommend against.
-You could do what I did [url(here) and wire them to a fuse that is on in Accy/Run/Start. This means any time you have the key in, they come on. I wired to fuse #46. It's on in those times, and has a 15A capacity, so it can support the load ok. Now, IMO, this eliminates the need for a switch, but you could still wire one up if you'd like (IE times when you're driving that you'd like to turn them off for some reason).

If you're sure you want to do that, IMO the best way would be to get the Front/Rear foglight switch (Euro piece, your dealer can order it, about 30 something bucks I believe. Here the P/N: 61 31 1 387 054)
Then, almost follow my write up, here:

Now, to make them switched, instead of taking that wire and running it from the wire from fuse 46 to the headlights, connect a very long piece of wire instead of the fairly short one i sued (don't cut it completely until you're done with this part, just take and attach one end to the wire in the fusebox, and leave the other end on the spool). Take that wire, and after connecting it, run it looped over itself down into the passenger compartment with the rest of those wires in the fusebox (this will take time). It's hard to explain what I mean, but basically both ends of the wire (connected to fusebox and still on the spool) will stay in the engine compartment. You'll be feeding a loop into the interior, without any end inside. Now, once that wire is inside a bit, just pull in lots of slack. Wire that up to the 2nd switch on the dual foglight switch by snipping the wire in 2 and connecting it to the switch on either end. Now, you already have the wire running back out again to your engine and don't have run wires twice. Then take that wire and do the rest of what I did in the write up, and you're done. Not too difficult.
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