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Originally Posted by Luminor View Post
Thanks for the quick response, but why laquer instead of just clear coat. I've got a shop that can clear coat it, unless there is a reason to use some other material...? i.e. Laquer.

Link to black M6 w/CF roof:

...looks like it will be very subtle.

Any one have a price on this piece. I could call TC, but figured someone might know off the top of their head...

BTW, please tell me you were kidding about the 32lb/ft of torque... :-)
As far as the laquer goes, I have no idea why he used that instead of clear coat, unless it provides a better seal on the CF than the clear coat paint would. As far as the 32 ft lbs of torque, i was just estimating a quick calculation of 8 lbs times about 4 ft high and that's 32 ft lbs of torque. Now...that's not really the whole story. The force of the 8 lbs is directed down unless the car was flipped on its side. What you really want to look at is, the mass difference in the roof times the lateral acceleration of the car and the height of the mass you are changing if you want the real torque the roof provides on the car.

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