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Ignition Problem with codes

Hi, I've been looking all overt the net for information and I'm getting no where quick!

Basically I've got a 1993 RHD E36 320i Coupe running MS40 (Siemens) management it seems.

I drove the car to my friends, turned it off had no problems with running, no juddering, jumping, stalling anything, ran fine. Got into the car 5 minutes later and it just cranked over and would not start.

So the car cranks but will not start, I used a snap-on scanner and the following codes came up:

01 Ignition Cylinder 1
02 Ignition Cylinder 3
03 Ignition Cylinder 5
29 Ignition Cylinder 2
30 Ignition Cylinder 4
31 Ignition Cylinder 6
62 Feedback Ignition Signal
204 Feedback Ignition Signal

If anyone can shed any light on what the best route to take is I'd be extremely grateful.

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