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Originally Posted by sixspeed View Post
I had it clear-coated - that was all

If you get one you may or may not need it done. The roof was already finished for install straight away (and TCK didn't mention any need for further treatment etc before fitting).

However, when I inspected mine, there were light scratches in the resin/clear-coat that was already on there. So I asked a friend of mine who runs a bodyshop to add another clear-coat layer. Not only will this help protect the carbon from UV damage (as there is a UV inhibiter in the clear, and carbon can discolour over time from sun exposure), but it also meant they could safely flatten the new coat back until it looked like glass Which it sure does now!
Good to know, thanks. I'm definitely going to have mine shot with another coat of clear just to make sure its got the UV protection it needs.
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