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I just finished this job. Took me 3 hours, and my fingers are sore as all hell, but it was worth the $200.00 i saved by not taking it to the dealer and the satisfaction of fixing my car on my own. The job should have took only 30 min, but i spent 2.5 hours just trying to get the wires unplugged from the FSU. for some reason, my clamps wouldn't come off of the FSU, no matter how hard i squeezed. I ended up removing the FSU first, then using pliers to disconnect the plugs...pain in the ass. after that, took all of 10 min to complete the job (including testing and putting everything back together).

Ziegelman....I actually never saw the piece holding the FSU in place. i took my laptop down to my car and looked at the pictures, and tried to orient myself based on that, then just felt up there to release the FSU. I looked and identified "land marks" as it were, ie the case that says valeo, and the tube next to that. Since i could see those things, i just felt up behind them where the release should have been until the FSU began to slide out.

I hope that helps fully rock!!!!
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