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Originally posted by Jetfire
Saw that. The price is a bit steep for my target, but it's in fantastic shape. I would think that any E36 M3 under $15k or so would be a relative basket case, although I could live with interior issues (Recaros etc.).
there are some e30m3s that ask as high as 17,000 with "low" miles in the back of roundel sometimes.

but most seem to be in the 9800-12,000 range. the issue i'd have are: at this age, wear and tear items flat out need replacing because of heat cycling plus age. gaskets for sure, hoses, shocks,'s a hidden (well, not so hidden) nightmare in cost. it would take at least $7000 to get it into reliable, hi-po form. and you'd be spending most of that money just checking compression and getting valves, seats, valve guides and ports into shape.


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