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Originally Posted by BMW_tech View Post
F.Y.I. knock sensors are basically microphones listening to your motor.If not properly torqued to specifications it may be over sensitive or send erroneous signals.I would check the connectors and follow it all the way to the DME.Simple continuity test from end to end eliminates the thought of any broken wires.Since you stated that they were replaced and still persists,the next step is to check your harness and the DME.I have seen cases where the thermostat (map cooling) connector craps out and can carry coolant that seeps through the wire insulation all the way to the DME drowning it with coolant.
BMW TECH!!! I have a question for you!!! Im getting engine "pinging" or you guys would call it "detonation" or "pre-ignition" or whatever the correct term is.
NOW, in the past 2 weeks the following have been replaced by the dealer under warranty in order to remedy this: MAF, VANOS, Knock Sensors, Air Intake Temp sensor, fuel system clean (seafoam) Nothing, i mean NOTHING has deleted the pinging.
And finally my question is.... Would the OXYGEN SENSORS be at fault? EVEN THOUGH there's no rough idling; no poor gas mileage; no codes.
The car has 90,000 on the clock. Could these "tired" O2 sensors be causing my pinging/detonation/pre-ignition?
Should i have them replaced???
Thank you in advance for your expert advice!
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