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Originally Posted by b-y View Post

Here is the story for MY 2004. I can't tell you if it changed for later years. Some of the following is fact, some just what I have surmized. (You can try to separate these out.)

Background: BMW used to give stickers/flags to code the keys so you could distinquish key #1 from #2, etc. They stopped doing this in North America because they noticed that this didn't match common usage (one key per driver) and explanations were too complex. So the "system" is still there, but basically unused and unexplained.

Usage: The seat memory buttons and the keys interact. They are NOT independent. In some models the key settings also cover heating & ventilation, mirror positions etc. But I don't think the heating/ventilation is tied into the memory programming of the X3.

Procedure: WIth the car turned on via key #1, set the seat memory for button #1. (Set the seat positions, press M so it lights up, press button 1. The light will go off and the first memory position is stored.) Turn off the car and remove the key.

If you want, repeat this for key #2 and button 2. If you want, store a third position in button #3 (there is no key #3).

From now on, until you replace the settings in the memories, unlocking and starting the car with key #N will return the seat to memory position #N, where N = 1 or 2.

As to:

This one is CLEARLY explained in the owners manual.
This procedure for the seat memory doesn't work on my 2007. The manual states that it has to be programmed by my local "SAV center" (dealership). I do have the color coded stickers for the keys and my salesman (who is a friend of the family) said he "thinks" I can program the seats myself, but he doesn't sound too convincing.

Also, like I stated in my previous post, the right mirror dipping in reverse function only works when it wants to. The button is always set to the left/driver's side - I never toggle it from there. It's always a nice surprise when it does decide to work

I wish these things were my mistake because then they'd have a simple fix. I'm in IT so I'd like to think I can follow instructions a little better than the common ape can...
1990 325is
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