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Replace FSR on 2001 330Ci

This is a follow up to the post by juicy5. I found that post very useful when I swapped out the FSR on 2001 330Ci last night.

The whole thing took me two hours, including stopping to take pictures. The tools I used were a Phillips screwdriver (from the trunk tool kit is fine, better to use a magnetic one), a T20 torx bit (optional is a T40 torx bit) and a flashlight.


1. Remove glove box.
a. There are two brackets on the bottom of the glove box. Remove the two Phillips screws per bracket.

b. Open the glove box.
c. Remove the three Phillips screws along the bottom.
d. Remove the three Phillips screws along the top.

e. Pull glove box towards the rear of the car. Also wiggle side to side a bit to make it easier.
f. Remove the two wiring harnesses. One is for the glove box light. The other is for the flashlight charger.

2. Remove flat black plastic piece (I believe this is the passenger knee protector).
a. No hardware on this one. Pull the right side towards rear and push the left side towards front. Do this in a twisting motion.
b. Disconnect the wiring harness for the footwell light. I had to pull fairly hard on the connector to get it out. Remember to pull on the connector and not the wires. Reconnecting later was much easier.

3. Remove black plastic round piece (I believe this is one of the air distribution motors).
a. Unclip the bottom. Then push down the tab on the top and pull.
b. Disconnect the wiring harness.

4. Disconnect (but don't remove) the black plastic piece attached with two torx screws. It is also attached to a plastic linkage that should not come out. Just remove the two torx screws so the piece can be pushed to the side. This will allow access to the FSR. One of the torx screws is on the bottom right and the other is on the top left. The torx bit needed is T20.


5. Remove FSR.
a. Disconnect wiring harness. There are two clips that are like rocker switches, one on top and one on bottom of the connector. Push those clips down and pull straight out. Again, pull on the plastic connector and not the wires.
b. The same tab that is on the 5 series is on the 3 series. Push that out of the way and pull the FSR straight out. Once it gets moving continue to pull out and start pulling down a little bit.

6. Replace FSR with new one. Follow steps in reverse and that's it!
a. I had some trouble pushing the new FSR in all the way. First I pushed it in halfway to where it was aligned in the hole properly. Then I used a T40 torx bit (only because it was large and flat, nothing specific to that bit) to push on the plastic screw hole and it went right in. I just needed the extra leverage.

Thanks to everyone who did this before and posted here. It was fun and MUCH easier with your help!
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