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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
I just have never liked front-wheel drive cars. Not appealing one bit. Everyone always bitches about how involving a car is, front-wheel drive to me is no fun.
In all honesty: for most people out there most of the time, the drive axle makes absolutely no difference. The only time I'm even consciously aware of which wheels are putting the power to the ground in my E46 is when I'm autocrossing it (I don't take it to Sebring anymore); you can get on the power much sooner when exiting a corner without risking a significant amount of understeer.

If I were to put my mother behind the wheel of my E46 (or 987) and then have her drive my brother's 3.2CL and tell me which car has RWD and which has FWD, she'd be absolutely clueless. I doubt she even knows that her own MB is RWD.

The one thing you can get with RWD even at mundane speeds is better road feel, but most cars these days are so numb that even that isn't particularly relevant.

Note: I say all of this as somebody who never has owned a FWD car and probably never will.
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