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Mein Auto: BMW E36 316 Coupe
Hey there guys (and girls!), well, this is my first time on Bimmerfest and am a total noob. I've been reading this entire thread and well, i've read just over half of it but gotta say, this is just great. There's so much info available and so much to learn from so many people who're so knowledgable, so thanks a LOT for sharing ur info for people like me so I can educate myself a little too. And Pirate Pete, all the stuff at the start of the thread, GREAT! I just bought my E36 coupe last week, and yeah its a crummy 316 but considering how much i'm paying for insurance and also that my wallet's pretty thin at the moment, I can live with it. However, I am interested in dropping in a bigger engine next year once I have a bit more money and so was wondering if anyone could suggest as to what kinda engines would be good. I personally want as much power as possible (like most people i guess) so was wondering would it be possible to drop in an M3 engine by any chance? I've been reading up a bit here n there and seems like there are split opinions bout such things on a 316. Thing is I got the car in great body condition and everything works much better than i expekted them to, so I really don't wanna change the car I suppose, but enginge swap's gotta b done so in dire need!

Once again, thank you all for posting and enlightening noobs like me, much appreciated, keep up the great work!
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