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ED Adventure Continued

The Ipod sync went smoothly and the bluetooth took a bit because I forgot that I already had my headset connected. Maggie was really helpful, but towards the end I had a feeling that she was ready to move onto the next customer..
I got a picture to take with me that they took earlier (nice touch) but she promised to send me a photo of the other pose that they took a picture of.. I will post when I get it.
Side note- I really like the rims and will not change until the tires have to be replaced.

I drove to Dachau.. it was moving, but also much colder than SF, so I only stayed for an hour. I went to McDonalds, quick eats, before I started the trek to Paris solo... no Kill Story here as I parked in the lot across the street

The trip was brutal... It rained for half of it-- mostly in Germany... Navigation took me on a detour because A8 was jammed (according to her)... who am I to second guess...? I drove in this detour for almost 2 hrs.. did it help? Not a damn clue... All I know is that I stopped for a nap and I still had 523 km to go!! Didn't know how to zoom out on Nav, and didn't want to stop and play, so I check my BB which has a GPS locater on the new Google Maps..(on red lights) very helpful!

The worst part of the trip was when I got distracted by a piece of chocolate on the steering wheel (I bought & ate a snickers at a gas stop several miles before) ... not a good idea to get distracted going 100+ mph.. I lost control for a bit and the car became unstable... BWM DTC, or whatever it was, took over and I was able to regain control @ 80mph.

This freaked me out a similar scenario in 2001 in an Izusu caused me and my passengers to skid across I-95 from the fast lane to the other side of the highway ON THE DRIVERS SIDE OF THE CAR!! (For those who don't know, I95 connects Florida to Maine. My incident happened in CT) I came away with a lacerated forearm from the drivers side window shattering against the ground and a separated shoulder.. obviously very lucky-- no one else was harmed.. but this is obviously NOT an Izusu.

I made it to Paris in about 9 hours... (including the nap) from Dachau. Good thing I was in prayer the entire time.

Key stats:
Max speed: 140mph in France
Gas: roughly 145 Euros ($215)
Tolls: roughly 30 Euros ($45)
Arriving in Paris in one piece: (priceless)

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