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I've test driven the 3.0 twice in the last 6 months... first time it was in manual steptronic the whole time, no lag issues, it felt great. This 2nd time (yesterday), it was left in full auto... I couldn't believe the acceleration lag. It's bad enough getting onto the highway, but to experience this at every stop sign/light of local driving... is annoying.

I don't know if it's the 'learning your driving technique' thing (again it's a test drive model) or if it's just like that because it's a 6-speed 3.0 with drive-by-wire technology. Why then, does everyone not see the same issue all the time I must ask...

And I'd like to know if this issue exists for the 4.8i.

Also would like to see more people say they DON'T have this acceleration issue... because who knows if you guys thought it was normal/acceptable. I drive a '95 SUV and the thing goes pretty instantly when you tap the pedal, probably because it was prior to this drive-by-wire stuff... newer owners may not know/recall the difference.

I'm going for another test drive (hopefully both models) on Monday and praying it was just that particular vehicle.

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