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Originally Posted by UncleJ View Post
I agree with X3Ski take it in ASAP and lodge your complaint. Make sure it is written up that an attempt to repair was made. Then if you get the same old song and dance abut not able to duplicate take the car back and drive it until the noise happens again. Return it to the service department and do the same thing again. At that point a "history" is established and when the failure occurs (and it will) you have documentation that shows the fault was known and reported prior to the warranty end. You also might try another dealer's service department too. I don't know how many BMW dealers are in your area but it might be worth a try if "your" dealer can't fix it, another one can. The original warranty is valid of course at any BMW dealer. Good luck!
That's 1 of the 2 things I'm worried about.
Judy and her service advisor seem to have a communication problem.
Example: Judy reports ---"doors squawking again"
Tech reports back -------" can't duplicate squawk coming from passenger seat"
this is not an exaggeration it really happened. jb is looking over my shoulder keeping me calm

# 2 would be Judy reports " noise when ac compressor on"
I"M GUESSING HERE but I expecting something like this from the tech
"Can't duplicate noise from ac VENTS have customer return when/if ac quites"

Hopefully I'm getting upset about nothing and the tech will report back " replaced ac compressor"

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