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Originally Posted by beemer540ia View Post
More news. Commerce has now defined the problem as "A mechanical failure causing a short in the wiring started the damage". Commerce is not responsible for mechanical failure or craftsmanships..
1) So they have no problem paying if you pour gas over it and light it up.... is that what they are saying??

2) You are such an easy push over.... Geezes!! If they are not responsible for mechanical failure or craftsmanships So WTF are they exactly responsible for??


I dont feel that well getting it fixed knowing it could catch fire again. Where is the QUALITY BMW??? Man, I am hard pressed to recommend a BMW at this point unless someone steps up to the plate and tells me they have a defect and will take care of it. Other than that I am considering trading it in for another vehicle, and not a BMW.
Quality in BMW?? You must be mistaking BMW for Japanese cars. There is no such thing as "Quality" in any European Brands. BMW are know for performance... not quality and reliability...
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