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Originally Posted by Ice350 View Post
Hey Gene,
This is Reggie from clublexus. You may not remember me but I miss your strong opinionated posts on cl. You seem to be playing it cool over here. Then again, what do I know, I haven't been around that long.

I'd love to see more pix of the six. It's one of my favorite looking cars. Can you post more or provide a link.

Hey Reggie.. glad to have you. ClubLexus in general is pretty good, the only issue I have is the overly zealous fanboys. (IsuckLex comes to mind) They are far too fascinated with anything Lexus, and Toyota comes into play when it is convenient and serves the cause.

It was funny watching that when Toyota had a recall how they would distance themselves, yet when something positive happens, it was a different story. In general anything BMW is junk, even 3rd party "artist renderings" of future models. I had enough and that was that. I spend some time here on a few MB Boards and lately 6speedonline.

I'll see about some pics, I have some around here somewhere.
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