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eas | Official DICE SILVERLINE iPod Integration Kit Q/A Thread

After months of testing, we would like to be the first to announce the new SILVERLINE iPod integration kit from DICE. This kit was engineered to take full advantage of the current iPods, as well as fully supporting previous models.

We hae been integrating iPods into BMWs since 2003 and are DICE Electronics' only authorized BMW/MINI Technology partner. Bringing our extensive knowlegde of BMW audio systems and through our continued long-term relationship, we keep support as our #1 priority and continue the tradition with our Q/A sessions.

New SILVERLINE features will include full Artist, Album and Playlist directories. the Clickwheel is no longer unlocked in earlier iPods in order to utilize these new features.

This thread will be for questions regarding the Dice SILVERLINE iPod integration kit for your BMW. Questions regarding features, compatibility, suggestions, installation questions and bug reports can be submitted to this thread.

Connect your iPod to your vehicle's factory entertainment system and hear what your iPod should sound like in your BMW. CD-quality sound and controlled from your BMW's radio or steering wheel buttons without the need for messy adapters or FM transmitters. The DICE SILVERLINE iPod integration kit always keeps your iPod integrated, charged and ready to go. The DICE SILVERLINE iPod integration kit will also display text from your iPod onto your BMWs Radio/Navigation display allowing you to view Artist, Song Title and Album name while both hands are safe on the steering wheel.

Kit Configurations (Trunk vs Radio Interface)

The Trunk interface version of the DICE kit allows you to make the necessary connections at the CD Changer cables in the trunk area, and allows 15 feet of cable length to allow placement of your iPod anywhere in the vehicle you like.

The Radio interface version of the DICE kit is a favorite among professional installers. This kit allows a direct connection directly at the radio, eliminating a long cable from the CD changer connectors in the trunk. This also provide a shorter cable route, reducing the possibility of engine noise. The Radio interface kit is also choice for euro models that do not have CD Changer prewiring.

iPod connection (Docking Cable)

A clean factory looking installation is possible with our sleek iPod docking cable (included), allowing full connectivity for all iPods utilizing a dock connector - including the iPhone and iPod touch.

The DICE SILVERLINE iPod integration kit connects right to the cd changer connectors or radio connector (depending on configuration) already present in your BMW. The DICE SILVERLINE module transfers information between the iPod and radio through an included iPod-specific docking cable, as if it were an original BMW accessory.

New features of DICE SILVERLINE iPod Integration kit include:

- Direct integrated connection, without the need for FM transmiters or cassette adapters
- Full Text Display on your factory radio or Navigation screen
- Full control of your iPod via the radio buttons while in play
- Browse by Individual Song with song listing
- Browse by Individual Playlist with Playlist Directory listing
- Browse by Individual Albums with Album Directory Listing
- Source Selector w/ Integrated AUX input
- Album Selection
- Full charging mode for iPods through included dock connector

You can browse your iPod with the radio buttons without booting into separate modes. Using the integrated DIP switches allows you to revert from DICE and Simple UI mode, Allowing the iPod to remain in "iPod UI" allows for a basic operation of the iPod's Clickwheel and can be switched to Enhanced DICE mode at any time.

Browse through your iPod by Song, Artist or Album:

You now have the ability to browse through your iPod by Artist, Album or by Individual songs within a Playlists. Unlike other kits, you are permitted UNLIMITED PLaylists and to name them however you wish. Album and PLaylist directories are now supported with SILVERLINE.

Full Text Display on your Factory Radio or Navigation Display:

See your favorite song titles, album info and artist on your factory radio/navigation display with the SILVERLINE as if it were a factory BMW option.

AUX compatibility with user-adjustable Sound Output settings:

Connect any external audio device including: aftermarket satellite radio, CD/DVD players, non-Apple MP3 players and more! Bass, mid, treble and gain settings can be adjusted on the fly. These options allow for distortion-free audio input.

Selecting between audio from your iPod or AUX input is done with the press of a button on your radio.

- Volume Output (selectable 1-100)
- Bass (selectable 1-100)
- Midrange (selectable 1-100)
- Treble (selectable 1-100)

Charging Control:

Charging of your iPod while in play, never have a dead iPod again!

Compatible with previous and current-model iPods:

The SILVERLINE is compatible with all iPods that feature a dock connector, including the new Classic, 3rd Generation nano, iPod touch and iPhone.

Models Supported:

1996-2006 3-series, including M3 (not for e9X models)*
1997-2003 5-series, including M5
1999-2001 7 series
2004-2008 X3
2000-2006 X5
1996-2002 Z3, including M-Roadster/Coupe
2003-2008 Z4, including M-Roadster/Coupe
2000-2003 Z8

Compatible with the following iPod models:

iPod 3rd Generation 10/15/20/30/40GB
iPod 4th Generation 20/40 GB
iPod 5th Generation Video 30/60/80GB
iPod Classic 80/160 GB
iPod Color 20/60 GB
iPod Photo 30/40/60GB
iPod mini
iPod 1st Generation nano
iPod 2nd Generation nano
iPod 3rd Generation nano
iPod Touch

Kits can be purchased through our website or this link as this thread will be used for general questions and support only:

eas | DICE SILVERLINE iPod Integration Kits now available for BMW

Kits are already shipping as of today.

Questions & comments are welcome in this thread, and thanks for your continued support over the years.
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