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Originally Posted by Sal Q View Post

I want to get this for my e46 but I'm a little confused.
What exactly is the difference and advantages/disadvantages to the trunk install and radio install. Most importantly, which one is easier to install? The instructions look straight forward, but I don't know if I feel comfortable doing this myself.

Also, I would like to mount the iPod beside the cigarette lighter as shown in the photo, is that included in the instructions?

We will not offer the ashtray mounts for a few reasons. The dock might be ok for a desk or surface - but we are talking about a moving vehicle. This places a lot of unnecessary wear on the dock connector of the iPod and can damage it within time. Vehicles with stiff suspension make the problem worse.

Since the iPod controls are now locked with SILVERLINE - there is no reason for this type of device, especially at the same cost of the DICE kit itself.

Navigation of the iPod would be virtually impossible in this position. A very serious point to bring up is if the vehicle was involved in an head-on collision and the iPod was projected in front of a deploying airbag, since the iPod isn't secured properly. Here's what I recommend instead:

DICE iPod Cradle w/ Video Support

You'll notice the iPod is supported by the bottom and the sides. This is necessary in a moving vehicle. I think the concept is very neat, just not practical without something securing the iPod safely. To be perfectly fair, I have not heard a case of this happening yet. I certainly wouldn't want to be the first.

The difference between the trunk vs radio interface kits are explained in the first post, the radio kits offer a simplified installation that can be performed in about 20 minutes, compared to the trunk interface kits.
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