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Originally Posted by scottgbp View Post
Thought I would offer some feedback on this. Overall it is great, and sound quality is excellent to my non-audiophile ears. Thanks Tom for the service before the sale in answering all my Qs.

Received the kit Friday night, installed Saturday morning. I went with the front radio mount harness. The toughest part was removing the center AC vents, but it was doable. Although my fingers are still sore from that...The second toughest part was working the radio harness connection up into the AC vent cavity. But, this was also doable (and a pretty rewarding DIY - it looks impressive with all the trim, vents, radio, and sunglass holder removed). I installed the ipod connector in the sunglass holder - the stealth is nice. (Tip - while you are at this, also install the male-male aux connector to the Dice module and route to where ever you want it...I also routed mine to the sunglass holder. That way it will be there if you ever need it and you won't have to tear everything apart again to install.)

I have left the trim off and the AC vents not snapped back in all the way while I test things out - just in case I need to get back at the module while I test this week. Dice immediately recognized my iPod (an iPod "mini") and started playing.

The sound quality is GREAT. So long FM transmitter. As with any new thing it takes some time to get familiar moving around the menu, etc. but I am getting the hang of it. The only thing I am still working out is how to keep the songs in shuffle mode.

I am seeking feedback on 2 items (Tom, can ya help a brother out...?).
1) Dip switches. The module shipped with all four in the off (up) position. I believe for the pre-Silverline modules it was recommended to leave them in this position for full Dice control and text. The SILVERLINE install instructions suggest something different: Of course the "Car" switches are both off still, but the iPod switches are to be configured "off" (switch 1) and "on" (switch 2) for locked (full Dice) mode. In other words, the four switches are configured OFF OFF OFF ON as you view them right to left. This is how I installed it, per the manual. Can you confirm this is right?
2) Shuffle: In the iPod I specify to shuffle songs. When I plug it in to the DICE connector all works well and the songs shuffle within a playlist. However, if I turn off the car and come back to it later (overnight, after workday, etc.) the DICE will start playing songs oranized alpha by album name even in the CD1 mode were it should be shuffling songs. When I unplug the iPod and check the shuffle setting I see it has been reset to shuffle-off. Any thoughts?

Good stuff so far.
Thanks for the feedback, we would be glad to help.

1) the DIP switches are set to the OFF (up) position to utilize the DICE-specific features like text display and search by Artist/Album/Playlist. If desired, you have the option to set the switches to the ON position and have the iPod in "Simple iPod" mode, with only fast forward/rewind and next/previous track commands.

Most people will want to remain in DICE mode.

2) The iPod may be going into hibernation mode overnight, in which a quick disconnect/reconnect of the iPod will get things going smoothly again.
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