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(Ron: The relay was the auxiallary fan relay, which is apparently located behind one of the front panels (they had to remove said panel to get to it). I spoke to the technician, who inidicated (GET THIS) that the service manuals for the techs for the 2007 X5s are NOT CORRECT. He stated that the wiring diagrams "took him down the wrong path", but both he and the SA advised that this is normal, and would be corrected with BMW. Stunning!)

According to the tech (read: I STILL do not have the car back, going on 1.5 weeks), the car does not have the acceleration trouble anymore.

The best part is that after I advised my SA that I had Road Hazard warranty, instead of REPLACING my run-flat tire, they merely repaired it, and they TRIED TO CHARGE ME FOR IT when I went to pick it up on Friday.

I, of course, was very angry, and refused to take the car, inasmuch as the warranty covers REPLACING a run-flat in event of a flat (in my case, a nail). The better part is that NEITHER the SA NOR the tech figured out the tires were run flat until after asking me TWICE if I was SURE I had them, THEN taking me to the car and VERIFYING that for themseles("We've never seen this type of tire before" was a good quote). OF course, they do not carry those tires in stock (this was Friday), so they had to order another tire (delivery date is supposedly Tuesday, but I am not holding my breath).

Better yet, the SA "forgot" I told him about the Road Hazard warranty (aren't they supposed to have this information in their computer???) Couple that with no one at the service center inspecting the tire to SEE WHAT KIND OF TIRE IT IS, and I am one unhappy purchaser at the moment.

I'll update more if and when I get my car back. AT the least, I am saving gas money by driving the 328xi. So far, in the 7 months I have had the car, I have had the following issues:

1. Low oil (after 3 months driving)--according to tech this is due to engine not being fully seated yet, but in view of item (4) below, I am not so sure;
2. Burned out turn signal (this took 4 days to order/replace);
3. Recall (all of you 07 X5 owners should have received a mailer about this) due to electrical discharge problem (initally estimated that repair would take an hour, but it took 1.5 days at my center);
4. Acceleration issue (believed to be caused by faulty relay, and compounded by lack of proper wiring diagrams on this model, in repair two occasions for same issue, for a total (as of today) of 15 days);
5. Flat tire (this happens to anyone, but BEWARE of the center failing to identify EITHER if you have Road Hazard Warranty OR if your tire is even run-flat)--in shop for 5 days to replace the tire.

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