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Great post! I am hopeful mine works as well when I (hopefully) pick it up tomorrow.


Dealer for service I've been using is BMW San Antonio (there's only one BMW dealership here). I have been advised in the past that BMW Austin is worth the trip up there. I bought the car from a Houston dealership, after researching and visiting the San Antonio one and hearing/learning of bad experiences/difficulty in getting a good price for new vehicle.

That being said, I have spoken with some folks who have had nothing but great experiences there. For me, though, the experience has been painful, at best. Folks rarely return calls when you're trying to set an appointment up (it took me weeks, literally, to get seen on this problem, and only because I drove the car into the dealership after many fruitless phone attempts and read a riot act to three different people), and SAs are generally not available on phone (I sat in the dealership on Friday next to the receptionist and listened (in 30 minutes) to no fewer than 10 calls where the SA was unavailable/with a customer (which may have been true, but just exemplifies the problem I was having).

They need another dealership for this city, which has grown way more than the current one can handle.

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