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Originally Posted by Al's540i View Post
Were the vibration issues you mentioned occur when it was cold out in the morning only? did you have constant idle problems....even in warm temps?
- -The vibration was in cold weather and in the morning. I did how ever notice on warm days it was not as bad. I could be at a red light and with my foot on the brake it would shake pretty good. The idle was pretty consistant for the most part, say If was going from light to light about 3 blocks apart. Once I would get to the light, thr RPM hand would fall all the way down to zero and sit there. The motor would shake hard and the after a few seconds the hand would raise to about 300-500 RPM. There were times that the car would just die all together. One more thing, the leak at the CCV was so bad that after I found it and placed my finger over the vent port the motor ran fine then once I let go it died. All is will now though, the CEL light went off on its own after about 3-5 cycles of starting the motor. I hope this helps. Peace.- -
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