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Originally Posted by gotoschoolhere View Post
Coincidentally has anyone used or seen this product for cloth tops?

If so, please give us some feedback. This guy just seems so genuine. I much rather pay a guy like him $20 bucks for a product that he has developed and perfected over the years than some corporation that has developed just another product to add to their line.

I guess this depends on IF this guy's product is actually good or not.
Your statements are so illogical that I couldn't let it slide...
Are you saying that even if the product is good, but developed by a big corporation, you wouldn't buy it?
Big corporations have real scientists developing things in the lab, not some part time guy mixing things in the kitchen or garage.
And where does it say that the guy in the video developed it?
Young people are so gullible?
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This post is brilliant. Completely spot on and chock full of useful information. Pure genius and original.
- Frank Rizzo
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