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Originally Posted by Snow-man View Post
It seems from the poll a large group of people have this problem.

bimmerfest is not a scientific sample. People may come here and post because they have a problem. Likely the problem is not as widespread as the polls here make it out to be. However this is a real problem.

J.D. Power and CR don't show anything near the rates reported here. I'm still waiting for the next Consumer Reports ratings. The last one shows a trouble rate between 1% and 2% but most of 2007s were less than 6 months old in that survey.

Some of the cars with transmission problems are seriously messed up. Most are fine. It is a roll of the dice. I recommend ordering an X3 with a manual transmission.

I am doing my homework on different higher end awd's and the X3 is on my list.
Good. Be sure to check other makes too. BMW isn't the only one with automatic transmission problems.

Has this transmission problem ever been fully resolved?
Not yet. The 10/2007 update fixed the problem for some people. BMW continues to work on the problem. I don't know when the next update might be released.

Different cars have different symptoms, so there is likely more than one issue.

The cold weather package really worth it? Does it do what it says in other words?
Do you mind asking in another thread? We are trying to keep this one transmission only.
The models and equipment (standard and optional) illustrated in this post reflect my misunderstanding of vehicles supplied by BMW AG to the German market. In other EU member states, the truthyness of my posts may vary. Please ignore this post. Subject to change.

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