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Originally Posted by Snow-man View Post
I am not a BMW owner at this point, but interested as I would like something nicer than my current ride.

I am doing my homework on different higher end awd's and the X3 is on my list.
Depending on the weather I will be test driving an X3 this weekend.
It seems from the poll a large group of people have this problem.
Has this transmission problem ever been fully resolved?
The cold weather package really worth it? Does it do what it says in other words?

I would go for a stick but the Missus doesn't want to drive one anymore.
Anyone have any experience with Carbone BMW?
First off, Bimmerfest, or any other forum, is not representative of the population as a whole. Problems tend to be exaggerated on forums, because of course, people come here for help and answers. It's not all gloom and doom.

To answer your question, the manual gearbox on the X3 is a terrific mechanism. There's little reason not to get it. The brakes hold the wheels for 2s while on an incline (start-off assistant) to prevent the vehicle rolling back while you engage the clutch. The shifting is smooth, typical BMW. Plus, by buying a manual, you are telling BMW NA that there indeed is a demand for manual transmissions in the US. BMW took away the 3-pedal X5. Don't let the next X3 follow in its footsteps.

Secondly, the latest X3s do not appear to have any unusual problems with the automatic. They come with the latest software from the factory. So, if you order an X3 now, you'll get the latest build, the latest software for everything, and a big fat smile on your face because it's a terrific vehicle. The fix that came out for the older builds also fixed most vehicles, although a small number of those here are very vocal about the fact it hasn't worked on theirs.

Based on your location, I would not recommend sport package. I would recommend cold weather AND the heated steering wheel. The latter sounds silly until you try it. And then you start wondering why other cars don't have it. I wish my mom's 325i had this. The heated rear seats on the Cold Weather will come in handy, since the rear of the X3 does not have vents (cut it some slack, its based on the old 3-series from 1999). Xenon headlamps are very highly recommended. xDrive is a terrific system (when equipped with proper tires) and offers terrific control in many situations.

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