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Angry not fixed yet

Today we took our 2007 X3 in for the 5th time to get the transmission fixed. We had the software upgrade a few weeks ago and it didn't help much. It is still a very unpredicatable ride with hesitations followed by crazy full throttle accelerations usually at a road incline/decline. The only thing that may have been fixed is the complete failure to accelerate when trying to get on to the highway. The service manager said sorry, that's all we can do. To add insult to injury, our dealership no longer gives you a BMW loaner when your car is in the shop. They rented a Chevy Impala for us.

Evlengr, you are absolutely right about the BMW 'Fix'. I've heard the first 5 remarks on your list from the service department. The first 3 times we took the car in to get this problem resolved, they said they couldn't duplicate the problem and did absolutely nothing. By the 4th time, the 1 year/ 12,000 mile period was over -the Lemon Law period in GA. However, if BMW didn't do anything the first 3 times, does that mean they failed to comply with the part of the Lemon Law that says, a "reasonable number of attempts to repair a nonconformity have been undertaken"? We're consulting a lawyer about all of this.

My mother's Dodge caravan shifts better than our X3. Pitiful and very, very disappointing. I don't know if we will ever buy another BMW. Our first 4 were great but this fiasco has me thinking BMW doesn't make quality vehicles any longer.
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