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Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to share my experience with other forum posters.

First off, you MUST use/buy/borrow someone's GPS if doing ED. I bought my dad a Nuvi 660 for Christmas and bought the Euro maps for this trip. Having GPS was probably in the top 5 of things that made this trip awesome. I gave the Euro maps to my dad as a gift, otherwise I'd loan it out to other ED'ers here.

So, my trip consisted of Munich->Stuttgart->Reims/Epernay->Paris, with a 1-night stay in each spot save Paris (where I have family) - I spent 3 nights there. The trip spanned 02/06-02/12 and now I am back home in the Washington, DC area. Linked below are some pics of the trip... with the later part excluded because it's all family pictures.

The best part of the trip for my wife and I was definitely the Welt experience. The staff was very attentive from the moment we stepped through the doors all the way to when we drove out of the underground garage. This being my first ED, I have to say that I'll likely do it each and every time I get a new bimmer. The biggest challenge for my wife and I was leaving a 3.5 and 6 month old back at home... so that may play into future ED trips. But in short, the experience is everything you'd expect from a luxury car maker and more.

So after leaving the Welt in my Alpine White 335xi, we basically tried to see as much of each stop as we could. Marienplatz in Munich, Neuschwanstein and downtown Stuttgart on day 2, champagne tour and superb dinner in Reims (at Chateux Les Crayeres - highly recommended) on day 3, and lots of family time and shopping on days 4-6 in Paris.

Just a bit of historical background, in 2000 I sold my e36 M3 to pay for my wife's engagement ring and from that point on I've "compromised" on cars, driving an IS300 for 4 years and now a Saabaru for 3 years (ending in March). I told my wife that my next car was going to be pretty much just for me... but having two kids limits your options somewhat. I was forced into an automatic (for the wife), which ruled out the new M3, but I couldn't be happier with the 335 coupe.

In any case, the whole ED experience was truly memorable and my wife and I are already talking about our next ED - when my 335 lease comes up - which will closely coincide with our 10 year anniversary.

The only downside of the ED experience is the re-delivery - how painful it is to wait. I called TT Car in Paris this morning to see if my car had left (I dropped it off on Tuesday). Turns out it is the ONLY car on their lot right now even though there were only 3 other bimmers on the lot when I dropped it off. They explained to me that other makers' cars get trucked to port when they have 8 cars. I didn't even count 5 cars on Tuesday!

Anyway, does anyone know which port the cars go to from Paris? And where I can see a schedule of ships leaving that port? They told me my car would likely leave 8-10 business days from when I dropped it off, so I'm hoping it goes to port next Friday.
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