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one of the most aggravating things about this whole situation is the dealer blames BMWNA and BMWNA says it is the dealers repsonsibility.

Is this vehicle an 07? You mentioned 06 and they are different transmissions. in other words is the notorious 6 speed AT?

If they are refusing you warranty service----- report it to the Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Fraud.

I know for a fact that the division in CA doesnt screw around.

On another note I absolutely agree that this is bordering on class action lawsuit. Unfortunately, it takes someone being injured to make something of this magnitude to move forward.

I am working with an attorney atm as well as the AG's office. I can say nothing more than that at this time.

IMO this is not a BMW so it needs to earn its stripes, the only way you are going to get a BMW is to follow the steps recommended.

Good Luck and get an attorney!
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