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bad publicity

Originally Posted by el-sea View Post
I am on the same page! Be glad your dealer offered you a loaner/rental car at all! Mine basically said with out saying "call an attorney" stating it was BMW NA and not the dealer who was responsible. I am considering calling someone to talk class action suit. Does anyone agree?
Perhaps it won't have to go as far as a class action lawsuit. I can only hope that BMWNA will do the right thing, eventually; but the way they have behaved so far is not favorable. I think the more negative publicity we instill, the better, as others have said. There must be other avenues to take. What are the car magazines and online reviews saying? Maybe we could take ads out in Car & Driver, Motor Trend, etc, asking for people with 07 X3 transmission problems to write certified letters to BMWNA. At least that would bring awareness of the problem to the auto world. Am I naiive to think that will do any good?

I understand why the dealers would want to put the blame on the manufacturer. BMWNA has given them lemons to sell. But the dealers' service depts have discredited both BMWNA and the dealers by insisting there was nothing wrong with the X3 and the owners were nuts to keep bringing in their vehicle for an imaginary problem. I guess we all have vivid imaginations and ESP since we are all having the same nightmare.
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