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It is the Same

Originally Posted by Andrew*Debbie View Post
An X3 with a manual transmission. Our is great.

Did you ever try taking your car to another dealer? I've seen several cases where the cars were not diagnosed or repaired correctly.

Who knows BMW continues to release updates. The most recent one made things worse and was pulled. Presumably, they will fix it and release it again.

I think part of the problem is that there is more than one problem. If you read through the posts, not all cars have the same symptoms.
A/D of all people on this website you have been the most neutral and polite. So I say this in the kindest way that I respectfully disagree. Just about everyone's symptoms are the same. They only change is due to what version of update they have in their DME and EGS they may be more or less severe.

Universally, there is a problem with shifting between 2-3 gear, stuttering when coming to rolling stop, and gear not fully engaging at a normal rpms.

I have offered several times for BMWNA to "Black Box" the vehicle since it is insane to ask a BMW rep to sit in my car for an extneded period of time. They have refused.

Not exactly a normal request but not exactly a normal situation. I don't think they are giving it the attention it deserves.
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