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Originally Posted by Snow-man View Post
Today I test drove the 08 BMW X3.

  • Handling
  • Ergonomics
  • Heated Seats
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Legroom and positioning of pedals
  • Cargo Area
  • Braking
  • Line of Vision

  • Transmission - exactly as folks have posted. Can't find gears, racing rpms, SD drops gears like a Hammer

The sales man explained that due to the low mileage on the vehicle that its "Adaptive Transmission" would learn my style of driving and that would go away. I drove a new X5as well. It also had low mileage, but did not exhibit the transmission behavior. I asked the salesman if this also had an "Adaptive Transmission" of which he replied, "Yes".
I like everything about the X3, except the transmission. Normally I would have believed the salesman but I am unwilling to take a $42 thousand chance after all I have read. I explained in order for me to fully appreciate the vehicle I would need to drive a manual transmission. I did not mention or make him explain that this seems to be a very common problem among the new X3 BMW's.He is going to try to find one for me to test drive. For a new car to perform that way of any manufacturer, let along BMW is unfathomable. I will not be buying the AT 08 X3. Bummer Bimmer
Find another X3 with the AT. What build date was your tester? Try another one if you can. I don't know about your dealer, but the dealer we bought our BMWs from lets people test drive most of the BMWs on the lot; They usually don't have specific "tester cars" except for new model releases, like when the 335i coupe first came out. (Then again, they let me test drive a brand new 335i coupe from a canceled order, with just 5 miles on the clock!)

To future posters that may be looking at test driving: Please note the build date on the vehicle information sticker, on the driver's door or driver's door frame
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