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And the List Goes On

Originally Posted by Andrew*Debbie View Post
Thank you.

Is the "failure to respond to throttle input while making a left turn" problem fixed now?
Actually this is the one that always shows up. Sunday we have a ritual of going to a certain star bucks that has an uphill right turn to get to. That is where it always staggers and jerks---everytime since I bought it.

It is possible the current EGS and DME hardware doesn't have enough memory. One of the things I noted on the 128i/135i technical overview was a line about increased fault memory.

BMW could instrument your car the way they do with the engineering cars. I've seen spy photos of BMWs full of lap top computers.
We can hope they've already done that with another X3 and don't need yours. It is also likely the software team working on this isn't even in the US.

I wont guess about the memory capacity, but with todays memory being so cheap that shouldn't be an issue. And if they had been fully testing it as they should the last release wouldn't have toasted a customers DME as posted on another thread, right?

A few spy photos:

Computer clearly visible in this one:

You could be right. BMW has a huge amount of new car development underway.

X1, e90 facelift, new X3, new Z4, f01 7series, V7/X7 and the Mini SUV are confirmed.

X4, V5, Z9, and Isetta II are rumored.
A new "green" car to be marketed under a new brand name is also rumored.
One unannounced car is going into production at South Carolina.
Lastly if they are so focused on new development that they forget about current customers that is one of the major marketing mistakes. Forget about you core clients. They are your biggest supporters and most vocal when you don't keep your promises.

By not admitting their is a problem and working with customers openly they are losing a level of trust that will be hard to regain.

As it stand now I am just exploring options til I can get rid of my X3. It's nice to have a vehicle I can put my family in..the 528 is doing nicely and since the 335 doesnt have the crap (and that is the nicest words I can come up with) tranny it might be an nice alternative.

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