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El-sea, your attorney should have told you not to discuss it with any BMWNA agent of any sort at this time. I was told in order for the attorney to do their job correctly it helps avoid the "He said--She said" syndrome. In other words no one can claim that one party or another said something they didn't. (As we are somewhat anonymous on this board)

The people that have the constant optimism with the X3 are the ones that don't have the problem. And using their logic their is a multitude of people that don't know about web sites like this or are afraid to step forward with this problem. So you don't hear about them either.

Now to play devil's advocate I can understand why they feels this way.

When a BMW runs right it's awesome. When it doesn't its dangerous.

I have had a 528xi loaner for the better part of four days now. Even my wife who has not been in my X3 since the last episode commented on how nice it shifted and how smooth the acceleration is. This has made me consider the 335xi as a replacement for the X3 because it has AWD and a different transmission (kinda' throws the, "All AWD's drive this way out the window response" I got from the dealer). It seems to be in the same price point as the X3 so it seems for me to be a logical replacement.

So next time the dealer says all AWD's drive this was, ask them to take a cruise in one of the AWD Xi models that have the different transmission. Then have them try to explain their way out of it again.

I dont know what the common denominator is at this point, but maybe like the old detroit joke, this is a Monday car. We will probably never know since BMWNA is very guarded about the smallest thing, let along this crappy tranny.

Don't buy the hype. If you have one of the bad transmissions it's not going to get better. BMWNA has been given over a year to correct this. Their latest SIB release damaged the DME beyond use.

Just ask for a Trade Assist, and if they say no, just send a letter to BMWNA informing them you will seek Lemon Law actions. This was they have no choice to but deal with it.
If you choose another X3 that is up to you, but at least this way it up to you!

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