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Originally Posted by Evlengr View Post
I know it didn't because of this board. You keep to discarding the fact that a major player for BMWNA stated that this was not rolled out due to problems.
In just about every account with dealing with the transmission issues BMW has not been forth coming until pressed with other evidence of the problem.
Nor have they issued any statement that they have a fix of any sort up coming.

And also if you recall the person that did report the problem with their vehicle is an employee of BMW.

IMO they don't care, or they think they are immune to accountabilty. If they did they would have been up front and worked with anyone that has the problem. In just about every case reported here, the owner has had to prod, cajole, beg, or threaten to get some kind of forward momentum on resolving this.

Show us a little good faith and admit there is a problem. Most of the people here have been extremely patient with BMWNA that will only go so far.
No, I'm not discarding facts. I just want the facts straight. Simple as that. Stick to the issue being debated. Only one person claimed that the newest update fried their DME.
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