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throttle problem

Originally Posted by HT417 View Post
In my experience, most SA's/mechanics sincerely try to help you but they're only human. My approach is to always help them help me by narrowing down the specific parameters/symptoms of the problem as much as possible and to make sure they're consistent and repeatable during a test drive/demonstration. If you can easily prove your complaint then it's easier for them to help. Once the SA/mechanic agrees with you that something's not right, then it becomes their obligation to fix it even if a fix isn't immediately available. I'll also point out for those of you who weren't aware, BMWNA must authorize all part replacements in advance unless it's obvious that it's bad, i.e. leaking, physically broken. In the case of less obvious defects, the burden to prove a problem sits more heavily on the customers' shoulders.

el-sea, it would seem that you should have little trouble convincing the SA of the throttle problem at least.
Unfortunately this is not the case with the lunging forward after removing foot from throttle. It has happened only 3 times in 1 year. The cutting out completely and never going into gear was coming out of a tight curve in freezing temp. I live in Sunny California and was in the mountains hours away. Hard to duplicate here.
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