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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
I'm a cigar fan, and actually manage a cigar store as a second job. The CAO's are a solid brand, however for most of my smoking I turn to Ashton or Padron. Is that an IDC humidor? I managed to poach a Padron Millennium humidor for myself, but I've gotten lazy and just store my cigars at the store.

As someone previously mentioned, Cuban doesn't mean a good cigar, it's mainly a "forbidden fruit" mentality these days.

Cigar I'm waiting to see making it's rounds again is the Punch Rare Carojo.

P.S. to OP, I see a few Fuente Canones in there, those are a serious time investment. I'm a fan of coronas and lonsdales

EDIT: I just noticed the Puros part, guess the Padrons qualify.

Question for you.

I also have a humiditor like the one pictured by the OP. I ran across a few "experts" and every one of them tells me that is actually not a good idea to store the cigars in a humiditor that has glass panes. They say that the light from the room will actually damage the cigars. Their take is when buying a humiditor, always select the ones that are fully enclosed (no glass).

Is there any truth to this?
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