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Originally Posted by Arkady View Post
Question for you.

I also have a humidor like the one pictured by the OP. I ran across a few "experts" and every one of them tells me that is actually not a good idea to store the cigars in a humidor that has glass panes. They say that the light from the room will actually damage the cigars. Their take is when buying a humidor, always select the ones that are fully enclosed (no glass).

Is there any truth to this?
I generally will recommend fully enclosed humidor, because it's less of a chance there will be a bad seal to lose humidity out of. As for damage due to light...well it can happen the sunlight bakes the inside of the humidor and everything bleaches and dries out. That's my personal experience with my own $300+ Zino/Davidoff humidor. Remember it's really the cedar holding moisture that keeps your cigars fresh, the unit in the box only is intended to replace humidity lost due to opening/closing the box. Major importance is that your humidor has approx 1/4" white Spanish cedar internal lining.

Keeping the cigars in the cello makes very little difference. I've never found truth to the thought that cigar flavors "mingle" if in unwrapped physical contact. We keep all our cigars at the store in their cello, makes no difference in terms or humidification, but it can prevent mold growth and plume.
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