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Originally Posted by heyjay View Post
I just pulled my '80 320i (Alpine white) out of hibernation and can't wait to get behind the wheel again... It's the only car I've ever owned that I couldn't part with (Stored it for two years and missed driving it so much I decided to bring it back out...) I'm actually getting rid of my newer truck so I can use my 30 year old car as a daily driver... I'm a little nuts i guess. I think I've only seen on other e21 around where I live. The bumpers alone are a conversation piece just a question if anyone knows, mine's all stock except for a red "reflective" piece between the tail lights (where the large black trim usually is)that says "BMW 320I" In big bold letters... was this an aftermarket thing? just never seen another with this attachment, did BMW offer it at the time as an aftermarket item? Anyways, just wanted to say hi!
I couldn't handle my front U.S. bumper stickin' out into next week, either. So I tucked it in.
You can see the writeup and pics, here: CLICK HERE for bumper tuck.

Car looks WAY better and it's a poor man's way of getting around the expense of Euro spec. bumpers. As for the rear reflector... those were aftermarket. Companies made 'em for BMWs, Datsun Z cars, Porsche 944s, and a few others during the late '70s & early '80s.

Nothing wrong with using an older European car as a daily driver. Just keep it maintained. Both of my daily drivers are old, too. But they're fun to drive and I loathe new cars, so it works out rather nicely. To each their own. Have fun with your car.

(edit) Well, since this is a thread asking for E21 cars...

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